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The Children in Care Council (CiCC) felt that some of the words that are used for children and young people in care and those leaving care, could be replaced with words that are positive and make them feel empowered. They created a 'Dictionary of terms’ to help those working with children and young peopleProviding Language That Cares

The regional Children in Care Council have devised top tips to support those who work and engage with children and young people and to encourage good practice.Top 10 Tips for Central Beds Practitioners

CiCC Ambassadors at the House of Lords

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CICC Football Tournament

CiCC receive 'Thank you' messages from Frontline Participants

Your work!

Our Awesome CiCC!!!

Our CiCC Ambassadors and CiCC members met with the oftsed inspectors.

CiCC Ofsted Video

The full ofsted report can be found here.

CiCC attend the Frontline Social Work Training and delivered workshops to nearly 300 participants. Read more





Hello and Welcome to Central Bedfordshire's Council's Children in Care Council (CiCC) This is where you can find out information on being in care and leaving care and how to be Children In Care Council member. Read more

Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19 we have suspended all face to face meetings but are providing weekly virtual CiCC meetings to support, and to keep you entertained.

Let’s have a virtual get together to discuss how we can all confront and end racism. And talk about your views and feelings around the Black Lives Matter agenda.  

Central Beds are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and will do all that we can to address these matters. 

This meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, 7th July 2020, between 2 - 3.30pm using Microsoft Teams.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

If you struggle to access the meeting using Teams, my colleagues Gemma and Stephanie will help you? Please call them on, 07825853643 or 07814 704354 before the meeting begins.

Lastly, please remember your best interests is an absolutely priority for us all.