Central Bedfordshire Children in Care Council

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Fostering Statement of Purpose

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Fostering Statement of Purpose

The government has asked us to make sure all children and young people who are in foster care and their families are aware of Central Bedfordshire Council’s Fostering Service and what they do. This information has been written in what is called the Statement of Purpose.

You can ask to see a full copy of the statement of purpose but here is a summery of the main points.

The statement includes information about –

  • The staff that make up the fostering services which includes a Head of Service, a Practice Manager, two Team Managers, senior practitioners, social workers, a social work assistant, a training co-ordinator and a recruitment and marketing officer
  • How we find foster carers, train and support them
  • The number of foster carers we have
  • How to make a complaint and what will happen if you do
  • What fostering services are provided by Central Bedfordshire Council

The main Aims and Objectives of the Statement of Purpose

  • To provide a high quality Fostering Service to children, their birth parents, foster carers and social work colleagues.
  • To provide foster placements that meets the needs of children requiring such a placement.
  • To ensure safe, stable and consistent care for every child placed in foster care.
  •  To ensure that the ethnic origin, cultural background, religious heritage and language of children are fully recognised, valued and promoted.
  • To recruit a range of foster carers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds to meet the needs of children needing placements.
  • To provide support services that promotes and enables the retention of foster carers.
  • To ensure that, at all times, the services provided are effective and that practices are clear, open, honest and fair to all Service users.
  • To ensure that foster carers are enabled to promote positive outcomes for children placed with them
  • To actively promote and support training opportunities for all foster carers.
  • To ensure that the Fostering Service meets Fostering Regulations, National Minimum Standards and best practice.
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