Central Bedfordshire Children in Care Council

Where you live

When you first come into care, your social worker will look at all your needs and try to find a home which will meet these. Where possible and as long as it is safe then we will try to keep you as near to your local area so that you can stay close to your friends and family and stay at the same school or college. This may not always be possible, if you need to move away from Bedfordshire then the reasons will be explained and we will try to make sure that you keep in contact with those people who are important to you.

When you are living away from home you may be living with foster carers or in a residential home. Before you move to your new home and where possible you will be taken on a pre-placement visit to make sure you are happy with your new home.

When you visit your new home you will be given some information about your new carers or key workers, this will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your new home.

The Children in Care Council have created some questions which you may want to ask –

  • When will I see my family / friends?
  • Will I stay at the same school?
  • What are the rules of the house?
  • How much and when do I get my pocket money?
  • What time do I need to be in at week / weekends?
  • If I am moved away from Bedfordshire will someone be able to show me round so I know where things are?

Your new home may be a residential home, this is where you will live with other young people and you will have residential workers who will be there to support you 24 hours a day. You will have a named key worker who will work with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Some young people are able to live with family members or family friends who are able and assessed to look after you. You will continue to have support from a social worker and the people you live with will also have support from the fostering service.

A copy of your care plan will be given to your new placement so that they know what your needs are, you may also like to ask for some information about your placement so you know what to expect.


Created by: Taylorfitch.