Central Bedfordshire Children in Care Council

Your workers

During your time in care you may have a number of workers that you will come in contact with, we have listed the main workers and their role. This can be very confusing and so if you are not sure who does what then ask your social worker.

Social Worker – A child or young person in care will have an allocated social worker from the Looked After Children, Leaving Care & Asylum Team. You may already have a social worker from one of the Family Support Teams.

Social Work Assistant – you may also be allocated a social work assistant who will also support you.

Personal Adviser – when you reach 18 you will be allocated a personal adviser who will support you in the transition to adulthood. This worker will be able to offer you support until you are 21 or 25 if you are in higher education.

Foster Carers / Residential Key Workers – this will depend on where you live. Both of these will offer you day to day care, make sure you go to school, keep your room tidy and look after you making sure you are safe and happy.

Foster Carers’ Social Worker – foster carers are also allocated a social worker to make sure they have the skills to look after you.

Independent Review Officer – you will be allocated an Independent Review Officer (IRO) when you come into care. The role of the IRO is to ensure that you are being looked after and that the local authority is doing all they can for you.

Participation Officer – the participation officer supports the Children in Care Council as well as organising fun activities during the school holidays and the annual awards evening.

Advocate –some young people find it useful to have an advocate when attending meetings, an advocate will ensure that your voice is heard within the meetings. An advocate can also help you if you want to make a complaint to the local authority.

Independent visitor – this is a person who will visit you regularly and offer support to you. You may be able to take part in a hobby or sport with your independent visitor or just talk to them.

Advocates and Independent Visitors do not work for the local authority.

Looked After Children’s Nurse – the nurse will meet you for your health check, the nurse is specifically for looked after children and young people. 

Created by: Taylorfitch.