Central Bedfordshire Children in Care Council


Health Information

All children and young people in care are required have a health assessment once a year, until your 18th birthday. This is to make sure you are getting all the health care that you need. It is also a chance for you to ask us any health questions that you might have, or to talk about any health worries.

We are here to help you to start to make your own health choices, especially as you get older.

We have a nurse who specifically see’s young people aged 16 + who are in, or about to leave care and can offer you support  up to the age of 25. They will be able to talk to you about all areas of your health, including sexual health, smoking and the use of any substances.

If you would like support with any of these the nurse can refer you to the right agency to help you, in confidence. You will also be provided with a personal health plan (also known as a Health Passport) for when you are leaving care, which includes your immunisation history, dental history and other medical appointments.

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